CoronaVirus Cirsus

The corona is practically, if not completely, taking over the world. But we need to stop and take a breath, and thank the doctors, and the government, the teachers, the stores, and everyone else who is trying to help!  We don’t need future generations looking back on us and thinking, “ Man, only if they had stopped and calmed down to take a breath or two, they would have been okay.”, but no. We are doing the complete opposite! There is no food in the stores, there is not germ killers, no equipment for doctors. Please people, just take a breath…

CoronaVirus Pandemic

The corona is a horrible sickness that is being spread by people. It has maxed out our visiting time with family that do not even live in the same town as you. I am currently decorating my card, that will hopefully make a dent in the life of whoever my card will be going to in the nursing home I am sending it to. It makes me so sad to see a country that is so so so so sooo strong, one that has survived many wars and attacks, fall to a flu. Please stay healthy through this pandemic.

Who Made the Flag?

There  are a lot of disagreements on who made the first flag, but after all the evidence I have looked over, I have come to think the Betsy Ross made the first flag.  There are many reasons on why I think this, but for times sake I will list only three. The first is Betsy owned a Seamstress shop, which means she had many customers who asked her to make difficult things. The second was that she shared a church with George Washington, who in fact asked had her to make the flag. The third and last reason is that her husband had been killed in the Continental Army while Washington was his commander. These are some of the reasons why I think that Betsy Ross made the first flag.


“Faith is taking the first step even if you don’t see the whole staircase.”


MLK Day is known as the day of service, but why? Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, and a man of many deeds of kindness and of service, and by doing deeds of good and serving a community we are honoring him. King wanted to change America, and change it he did, so in order to keep his memory alive and growing we need to anything and everything in our power to help King turn America into what he dreamed it could always be!


Today is the day after MLK day, and I hope that you a lot of fun serving (if you did). I know that you might not have been able to serve but that’s okay, but, I want to tell what I did for MLK day, so here it is… I cleaned the entire kitchen, and I had A LOT of fun doing it. I cleaned all the windows, too. And, after that I help my mom with laundry, I also cleaned and washed her car! I helped my sister clean her room and do her homework, and then helped her clean the backyard! I had A LOT of fun, and I hope you did, too.

Living In Colonial Times

What would be the most difficult thing for me in colonial times? That’s a great question!

Living in colonial times was really difficult. But,not just for men, it was difficult for women and children too. Here are the three most difficult things that I would have to go through if I lived during colonial times!

3. Getting up early. I would sleep through the day if I had the chance, but, in colonial times I would have to be up before the sun to get ready for work, and, that’s clearly impossible for me.

2. Not whispering in church and in class. I’m a first resort if people need help, but, talking during class in colonial times would have been a no-no, you would have had to wear ” Whisper Sticks “, they keep you from talking, even if you were trying to help someone! If you were caught talking at church, they would write down your name and you would have to pay a fee.

  1. Falling asleep in church. In colonial tome church lasted ALL day, I you fell asleep in church you would be hit on the head with a wooden knob that was at the end of a long pole, if you were old you would be tickled on the nose with an animal tail found on the other end of the pole.

There you have it! Those are the  would be the three most difficult things for me if I lived in colonial times.

Jamestown or Plymouth

I would prefer Plymouth. I think Plymouth would be better suited for me because both women and children could go to Plymouth, not just the men (I would prefer to stay a girl). Anyways, Plymouth had a good relationship with the natives, unlike Jamestown. Plymouth grew in size because it was a good colony,Jamestown grew in size because of tobacco, with is a disgusting drug that I would like to stay a zillion feet away from me. Back to the subject… Even though Plymouth had a rough first winter it was nothing compared to Jamestown. Jamestown had difficult first years…. YEARS!!! That’s crazy, and you can’t forget the Starving time. I do NOT, I tell you NOT, want to eat shoes that have been walking on that ground, and dogs, those people were out of their mind!! Plymouth became the largest colony ever in the 1600’s. The also had the Mayflower compact, the paper of peace if I may. As well as freedom to worship and good business ventures. Don’t forget the first ever Thanksgiving, all that good food, yum…. Anyways, those are most of the reasons I would live in

Reflecting on 9/11

The events of 9/11 we will never forget. The cruel people who thought they could tear us down were punished, but the thing that brought them down the most was knowing they had failed. They had planned and trained for years, but they still failed. Their mission was to bring America to its knees and tear us apart, but all they did was make us stronger. America worked together to bring us back up knowing they had only knocked down a structure and not the love for our nation, our home, our America.