Harry Potter Big Time!!!!!!!

Hi,this is me again,I know I know same old person,but either way to bad so sad cause your stuck with me, prime time. Either way here we go….So this is about Harry Potter,Harry Potter is one of, well is my favorite movie series. And the person who wrote Harry Potter J.K.Rowling was penny less living in her car.HER CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way you really should try it some time if you’re allowed to. I mean it might become your favorite movie series.

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This is about a greek goddess.

Aphrodite was a so called greek goddess of beauty and love. Sometimes she may be seen riding a swan or a goose she is also sometimes seen with a dove or a dolphin. And sometimes instead of Aphrodite she is called Venus for the showing of love and beauty. Many countries had their own goddess of love a beauty back then. Did you know she is the so called daughter of zeus. In some story’s she is married to someone she did not love but had many children her favorite child was Eros. Some people call him cupid. This information is from http://facts4me.com.

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