Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Ordering numbers…when you order numbers you go least to greatest or greatest to least. Like…if I had the number 206, 187, 900, 100 and 65. And I said put them in order from least to greatest. This is when you think. So look at the first number which is place value of each number and see which one is the smallest. So that means that the one that is the smallest will be first. But make sure that it is the smallest out of all of them. So what I would do is look at all of the numbers. That is how you know which one is the next smallest. So the first number should be 65. And then you do it again.The order should be just like this.65, 206,187, 900,100.Now you know how to order numbers!!Well hopefully you do!!


Comparing numbers!!
When you compare numbers you take away. So say I give you some numbers like 291 and 149. And I say compare these numbers. All you will do is take away from 291. But that is not the only way to compare numbers. There is another way to compare numbers. There are three¬† symbols you can use!There is a less than symbol and a greater than symbol and then there is the equal sign! Comparing two numbers is simple. Find out which one is bigger and put the open mouth sign towards it! The less than symbol looks like this <. The greater than symbol looks like this >. The equal sign, which everyone knows, looks like this =. If I told you to compare the numbers 291 and 149 again… You would put the greater than symbol in between those two numbers. Like this…. 291>149. Comparing can be fun!

The End!